New Zealand Government Authority Registered
Yutian Liu, the founder of Seraph Immigration Ltd, is a New Zealand Licensed Immigration Adviser.

The licence is granted by IAA (Immigration Advisers Authority).

Yutian is an expert of New Zealand Immigration laws and visa application process.

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Student Visa

8 national universities - acquire internationally recognised qualifications

16 polytechnics - study New Zealand local practical skills, potential pathway to residency

English language study - improve your English in order to do further study

Visitor Visa

General Visitor Visa -
multiple entries, stay for maximum 9 months every entry

Parent Visitor Visa -
multiple entries, stay for maximum 18 months in 3 years

Business Visitor Visa -
stay for 3 months, visit New Zealand for business reasons

Work Visa

Essential Skills Work Visa -
most common type of work visa. transfer your skill to New Zealand’s competitive remuneration

Skill Shortage List Work Visa -
you may find a pathway to residency if your skill matches the Skill Shortage List

Talent Work Visa -
another pathway to residency if you have certain talents


*Processing time on this page is an estimate of average by INZ on March 2019. Actual processing time varies from case to case.

Skilled Migrant Category

Processing time:
1 year

Basic requirements:
under 55 years old; skilled employment offered by New Zealand employer; relevant qualification and/or work experience

Partner Category

Processing time:
9 months

Basic requirements:
live together for more than 12 months in a genuine and stable relationship

Skill Shortage List / Talent Category

Processing time:
9 months

Basic requirements:
have been holding a Work to Residence work visa for 24 months

Entrepreneur Category

Processing time:
20 months

Basic requirements:
set-up or purchased at least 25% of the shareholding in a New Zealand business and have been running it for at least 6 months

Investor Category

Processing time:
2 years

Basic requirements:
3 million NZD for Investor 2 category and 10 million NZD for Investor 1 category


about us

Yutian Liu

IAA licence number: 201900137

Came to Auckland, New Zealand as an international student in 2009, Yutian has acquired a Bachelor of Arts from Unitec Institute of Technology and subsequently graduated from Massey University with a Master of Management. Yutian now resides in Wellington, the capital of New Zealand and he is a director and shareholder of two Chinese restaurants. Yutian has an in-depth knowledge of New Zealand business system and relevant laws.

As a migrant for ten years, borne student visas, work visas, and eventually a resident visa, Yutian has experienced the difficulty of being a migrant profoundly, and clearly understand the importance of receiving assistance from professional licensed immigration advisers during this long period. Because of this experience, Yutian has decided to become a licensed immigration advisor as his long term career, so that he can help people with goals to eliminate barriers, and achieve success.


52 Parkvale Road, Karori, Wellington 6012, New Zealand

+64 21 261 9347

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